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Shared bike parking


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our goals and future objectives


      Our project BIKEINSIDE has participated in the biggest research and innovation programme of the EU (Horizon 2020) and achieved through a process

of evaluation is highly competitive,

the Seal of Excellence (SoE), a brand of High Quality and Excellence.

Our services


Flying rack

We offer integrated solutions for mobility’ sustainable.

(*) The BOX represents the set of enabling technologies to service areas for bicycles.
It is possible to configure the infrastructure (see BOX) according to disponibità of surfaces and volumes in private environments
and the semi-public with different versions that can be placed above and below the surface, or interanti.


* In the implementation phase



(*) The rental of the occasional stalls single and multiple for the parking of bicycles inside of the BOX in both the short and long term.

Purchase of stall single and/or multiple.


Possible versions:

  • Check the functional on the bike
  • Charging e-bike
  • Families of stalls by type of use

* Service not yet active.




The versions of the cover (the cover), they combine a modern design and secure in the respect of the norms that regulate the urban landscape.

The covers are green with excellent functional skills.

Possible versions:

  • Advertising
  • Style and design
  • Solar panels for complete autonomy and possible because the network of energy that is not used

(*) Bicycle hire on-site with check functional guaranteed by the Bikeinside.


Bikeinside allows you to retrieve and return the bicycle at any other box of Bikeiside available on the territory.


* Service not yet active

Our application

(*) With our application you will have the ability to view and book, by means of a practical geolocation system, the box nearest you.


* The application is not active yet

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The UN declares June 3, the World Day of Cycling.


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